How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

How to Keep Cake Moist?

Learn how to keep cake moist with Betty Crocker™.

How to Keep Cake Moist?

Nothing is worse than biting into a dry cake. Keeping cakes moist through the baking process is an age-old baking dilemma. What’s more, keeping a cake moist over a few days creates another problem. We show you how to keep cake moist, whether you’re about to pop it in the oven, or enjoying it over a few days.

  • Don’t overbake! This is probably the most important tip when it comes to keeping cakes nice and moist. If your batter is left in the oven too long the heat can cause the ingredients to become dry and crumbly. If you’re a serial over-baker, investing in an oven thermometer can keep you on the straight and narrow.
  • Be liberal with your sugar. Sugar not only satisfies those in the house with a sweet tooth, but it also makes cakes both soft and moist.
  • You’ve probably heard of creaming butter and sugar together when baking, but did you know if you mix your butter with the flour before adding the wet ingredients it can coat the flour in fat? This can really help a cake stay moist while it bakes.
  • Adding extra wet ingredients like yoghurt or sour cream can really help your cake retain moisture, especially if you’re cooking with chocolate which is notorious for drying out a bake.

How to Keep Cake Moist in Storage?

Once you’ve baked your lovely moist cake, how do you keep it that way over a few days? Well the key is to keep the air from getting to your cake and drying it out.

  • Icing your cake is an easy and delicious way to seal in your cake’s moisture. Just remember if you want your icing to stay creamy and not turn brittle, you’ll need to keep it sealed too.
  • Using an air-tight container is the best and easiest way to keep your cake from getting exposed to air. However, if you don’t have one of those, you can wrap your cake in cling film, or if it’s iced, place a large inverted bowl over it to trap the air.

How to Keep Cake Moist