How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

How to Pipe Two Tone Frosting?

Learn how to pipe two tone icing with help from Betty Crocker™.

How to Pipe Two Tone Frosting?

One is the loneliest number, so why not double up on colour, and try two tone icing? Learn how to pipe two tone frosting swirls on cakes and cupcakes with our easy how-to guide, and impress your family and friends with your icing prowess.

  1. First things first, you need to affix the right piping tip to a large piping bag. We recommend a star-shaped tip to get those lovely ribbony swirls. Remember the large piping bag needs to be big enough to fit two smaller bags of filled icing inside.
  2. Next, insert two smaller piping bags filled with different colour icing into your larger piping bag, and make sure they are as pressed in and as snug as possible to the base of the icing nozzle. Make sure when you trim the tips off the smaller piping bags that you cut the same amount off on each so that the flow even from both sides as you start to pipe.
  3. Apply even pressure as you start to pipe. Start from the outside of your cake, piping a circle around the borders and slowly swirling in towards the centre. Don’t forget to build higher as you go.
  4. Stop when you reach the middle.

  5. The swirl makes the most of two tone icing – so give it a go!

how to pipe two tone frosting