How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

How to Pipe Grass?

Learn how to pipe grass with Betty Crocker™.

How to Pipe Grass?

Buttercream grass is a great decorating trick, because you can use it as a canvas to create some really spectacular cake scenes, such as bunny rabbits diving for eggs, or dinosaurs roaming the plains. Learn how to pipe grass so your next cake has the background it needs.

You Need a Couple of Things to Master Piping Grass:

  • 1 x piping bag
  • 1 x ‘grass’ piping tip – this should have a flat base with lots of little holes in the end.
  1. Make some buttercream – this is the most versatile type of icing to pipe. Colour it with green food dye.
  2. Fill up a piping bag affixed with your grass piping tip. Make sure you twist the end of your piping bag to compress the buttercream. This will allow for smoother piping.
  3. Try a couple of practice pipes before letting loose on your cake.
  4. For perfect grass, the method is to squeeze a small amount of icing, let go, and pull the piping bag directly upwards to create the look and volume of grass. If you want longer grass, just squeeze for longer. Make sure you place the tip right next to the last place you piped to create that dense grassy look.

How to pipe grass