How to make sugar paste roses

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Make Sugar Paste Roses

How to make beautiful sugar paste roses to decorate your cakes and cupcakes!

All you need is…

  • Sugar paste
  • Cling film
  • Knife

To get started, split your sugar paste icing into six pieces. Roll them to create one oblong and five balls. Then, cover these six shapes with cling film and press along one edge to flatten.

Uncover them and take your oblong, rolling it to create a cone shape – this will form the centre of your rose.

Take your first circle and press this around the cone, keeping the thin edge towards the top of the cone. Pinch the bottom to attach! Then gently curl the top edge of the circle to create a pretty petal effect.

Attach the other four petals in the same way and curl their edges outwards. Then place your rose down and carefully remove the excess with a knife.

Place your little beauty on top of your cake or cupcake for the perfect finishing touch…

So pretty!

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