How to Make Strawberry Roses

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Make Strawberry Roses

How to make lovely Strawberry Blossoms…

All you need is…

  • Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Style Icing
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Piping bag fitted with 10mm round nozzle
  • A knife
  • A sprig of mint

To begin, fit a 10mm round nozzle to your piping bag and fill the bag with Betty’s Cream Cheese Icing.

Take a strawberry (the bigger the better!) and carefully slice it vertically in half, to within ¼ of the base. Repeat this twice to create six ‘petals’ and pull the top apart to form a pretty flower.

Then take your piping bag and pipe a small amount of icing into the centre of the strawberry, finishing with a squeeze and letting the ‘tail’ fall back.

Finish by placing a pretty sprig of mint on top…


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