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How to Make Marbled Fondant?

Learn how to make marbled fondant with help from Betty Crocker™.

How to Make Marbled Fondant?

Marbling is such a wonderful decorating effect as it turns plain cakes into really sophisticated ones. Once you’ve perfected how to make marbled fondant with our step-by-step guide, you can experiment with edible gold foil and different colours to really make your cakes look glamorous.

  1. Take your fondant and separate it into 3 or 4 different sections.
  2. Add different food colouring dyes to each section and roll and knead each section until you have four different uniform colours.
  3. Line up your differently coloured fondants next to one another, gather them in your hands and twist them, then twist them again.
  4. Start kneading your fondant, with occasional twists, but do this very gently, if you knead the fondant too much all the colours will blend into one. You want to keep each strand of colour distinct.
  5. When your fondant is successfully mixed and not blended, roll it out, ready to decorate your cake with.
You’re done! Wow your friends and family with this eye-catching decoration hack.

How to Make Marbled Fondant