How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

How to Make Fondant?

Betty Crocker™ shows you how to make fondant with a 6-step guide.

How to Make Fondant?

Learning how to make fondant will save you time and money as this is a simple recipe that is easy to replicate. Once you get the hang of making fondant, you’ll be able to take advantage of how versatile this cake ingredient is. Roll it out to use as icing, or utilise it for pretty cake decorations.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 1kg of icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp glycerine
  • 4 tsp powered gelatine (vegetarian works great too)
  • 125ml liquid glucose
  • 4 tbsp of water
  1. Put the 4 tablespoons of cold water into a heat-proof bowl and pour the gelatine in and wait until the mixture has a spongy consistency.
  2. Put the bowl with the water and gelatine over a pot of simmering water and keep stirring until all the gelatine is dissolved.
  3. Now add in the glycerine and the glucose and blend them together. Let the ingredients sit until they cools a little bit (not too much, just so it’s not too hot).
  4. Sift the icing sugar into a bowl, make a small well in the middle, and pour in the liquid and stir until everything is once again blended.
  5. Place the paste onto a clean surface powdered with some icing sugar and knead it until it because smooth and a lot stiffer.
  6. Once it has the consistency you want, roll it out and ice your cake straight away or colour the fondant with food dye to make cake decorations.

How to Make Fondant