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How to Make Fondant Cake Decorations?

Learn how to make fondant cake decorations with Betty Crocker™.

How to Make Fondant Cake Decorations?

Cake decorating can be really fun or really frustrating depending on what you’re trying to do. Learning how to work with fondant is a great place to start because it can be shaped into anything. If you’re just starting to experiment with decorating, we can show you how to make fondant cake decorations that are beautiful, but easy to master.

We’ve listed four types of simple fondant cake decorations that are really versatile and add a bit of polish to your cake.

For ribbons: Roll out your fondant until it’s around half a centimetre thick, then trim the ends of your fondant, lay a ruler on top, and cut a ribbon out. Then roll the ribbon into a spool, and using the spool, unroll it along the border of your cake. Simply trim the fondant where the ends meet.

For bows: Create a ribbon, then cut the ribbon in half. Each half will become a bow. Pinch the ends together on both sides of the shorter ribbon. Then fold the ribbon half over a straw or dowel and bring the two pinched sides together (the straw/dowel will help the bow keep its shape). Repeat the process with the other half of the ribbon, so you have two bows. Leave them overnight. Once dry, remove the straws, and roll a smaller ribbon over the where your bow ends come together for the knot. Secure to your cake with buttercream icing.

For ribbon roses: Create a ribbon, and then fold it in half lengthways, carefully pat the seams together, but keep the fold loose. Then roll your ribbon up, pinch the base together and trim the leftover fondant.

For small flowers: Cut outs are fantastic with fondant, and you can find all sorts of shapes. The cutest are small flower cut-outs. Simply roll out your fondant and press the shapes out with the cutters.

How to Make Fondant Cake Decorations