How To Make Chewy Cookies

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How to Make Chewy Cookies

Learn how to make chewy cookies with Betty Crocker™.

Do you love chewy cookies? Or do you prefer cookies with a crunch? We can tell you how to achieve that perfect cookie consistency.

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How to Make Chewy Cookies

To make your cookies chewy, all you need to do is give your cookies less time in the oven. A cookie that has had less time in the oven will have a chewier texture. You can also add a little more brown sugar as this ingredient has molasses in it, and creates a softer consistency.

Betty Crocker™ recommends just a few minutes less time in the oven will help you achieve the chewy texture you're looking for. Experiment with different timings to get the chewiness that's right for you.


How to Make Crunchy Cookies

Conversely, to make crunchy cookies you need to leave them in the oven for longer. Not too much longer, around 5-8 minutes should do the trick.

Betty Crocker™ recommends experimenting with different timings to see what level of crunch you prefer for your crunchy cookies.

To recap: less time in the oven makes cookies chewy and more time in the oven makes them crunchy!

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