How to Pipe Icing on Cupcakes

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Ice Cupcakes

Learn how to ice cupcakes with Betty Crocker™.

What’s cuter than an iced cupcake? Pretty much nothing, and if you want to learn how to ice a cupcake with a perfect swirl, we can teach you how.

How to Ice Cupcakes

  • Simply fit a large star-shaped nozzle on your piping bag and fill with icing.
  • Starting at the outer edge, gently squeeze the piping bag, allowing the icing decorate the cupcake.
  • Keep the nozzle slightly above the surface of the cake and keep going round, moving inwards until you get to the middle.
  • Finish by creating a final squeeze in the centre of the cake and then lift off, allowing the ‘tail’ to fall back to create a pretty finish.

Viola! You’ll be a master of decorating cupcakes in no time.

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