How to harden fondant icing

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Harden Fondant Icing?

Learn how to harden fondant icing with Betty Crocker™.

Fondant icing is amazing as a cake decorating tool, but it can take time to dry, and if you’re tired of waiting around for your icing to harden, we’ve got a few tips you can try.

How to Harden Fondant Icing?

  • Choose a hard, flat surface for your fondant to dry on. Silicone, cloth, or drying your fondant on paper towels can take longer and leave unwanted patterns on your icing.
  • When rolling out your fondant try to make it as thin as possible. The thinner the fondant the faster it will dry. If you’re creating figures or sculpted pieces for your icing, these will take longer to dry, so be careful when handling them, because even if they look dry on the outside it is likely they will still be soft in the middle.
  • Use light. Popping your fondant under a table lamp can really quicken the drying process. Just be aware that if you have used food colouring the light can cause the colour to fade if left for too long.
  • Use a hairdryer! Make sure it is on the cool setting, otherwise you’ll just cause your icing to melt. This method isn’t great for large or dense pieces, but it is great for drying up small pieces of fondant.

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