How to grease a cake pan

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Grease a Cake Pan?

Get to grips with greasing a cake pan with help Betty Crocker™.

Learning how to grease a cake pan is fundamental to getting a bake right, after all, no one wants to be wrestling a cake out of a tin. Greasing your cake pan correctly will ensure your beautiful bake doesn’t crumble when you try to remove it.

How to Grease a Cake Pan?

  • Make sure you have a clean and dry cake pan.
  • With clean hands rub butter inside the pan, making sure to smear it across the entirety of the pan’s interior.
  • Use a spoonful of flour and dust inside the pan. Or put the full spoonful in and shake and tap the cake tin until you can see a light coat of flour covers the whole inside. Make sure to turn the tin upside down to get rid of any excess flour.

Viola! That’s it. A perfectly greased and dusted pan, ready for your cake batter.

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