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How to Make a Fondant Bow?

Learn how to make a fondant bow with Betty Crocker™.

How to Make a Fondant Bow?

Looking to step up your decorating game? Fondant offers cake decorators an easy material to work with, especially when it comes to creating 3D designs. Learning how to make a fondant bow is one of the simplest and most eye-catching fondant designs you can start with.

  1. Roll your fondant out to about half a centimetre thick. Lay a ruler over the top, trim the ends and cut out a ribbon.
  2. Cut your ribbon in half. Pinch the ends together on each side of both halves.
  3. Then take one half and fold it over a straw or a dowel and bring the pinched sides together. The straw or dowel is to ensure the bow keeps its shape while it dries. Do the same with the other half of the ribbon, so you have two bow halves.
  4. Leave these pieces to dry overnight.
  5. When they are dry, remove the straw/dowels from your bows.
  6. Roll out a small ribbon and place it over where your bow ends meet to create a ‘knot’.
  7. You can add extra ribbons on the side to create bow ties. Then secure the full bow to the cake with buttercream icing. Make your cake feel like a present with a fondant bow!

Fondant Bow