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How to Choose Your Cake Tins?

Betty Crocker™ shows you how to choose your cake tins.

How to Choose a Cake Tin

If you love baking, it can really help to have the right tools, and one of them is the hallowed cake tin. We go through what you should look for when choosing a cake tin.

  • If you want a non-stick pan, go for a deeper tin. Shallower non-stick pans can make your cakes have a denser crust.
  • Choose a springform cake tin, as you can remove your cake without it sticking to the sides.
  • If you don’t like springform tins, loose base tins are also great for removing a cake without causing it to crumble.
  • Deep nesting cake tins are ideal if you want to achieve a tiered cake look.
  • Choose tins to suit your favourite bakes. If you love cooking brownies, go for a shallow tray bake tin. If you love baking loaves and breads, go for a deep non-stick loaf tin.

How to Measure a Cake Tin

Sometimes a recipe requires a specific size of cake tin, so knowing how to measure a cake tin can really come in handy. Cake tins are measured from one inside edge to the other, so you don’t need to count the lip or outside edges of the tin.

For depth: Measure from the bottom of the pan, to the top of the inside edge.

For volume: The easiest way to measure volume is to fill your tin with water, and then pour it into a measuring jug.

For round tins: Run your tape measure or ruler across the diameter of your round tin. If there is a slope to the side of your tin, measure it from the bottom.

That’s it! You can now go cake tin shopping. Just remember to also look for shiny tins – not only are they great for checking the reflection, but they’re also best for cake baking because they reflect heat well and help to bake the cake evenly.

How to Choose a Cake Tin