Indulgent Chocolate Fudge Icing

Rich, tempting and utterly mouth-watering, this lustrous chocolate fudge icing is the perfect finish for your Betty Crocker cakes. Ready to spread Each tub contains enough icing to cover and fill an 8" cake (serves 12) or cover up to 27 cupcakes. Store in a cool, dry place before opening. Once opened seal and refrigerate any remaining icing for up to 30 days for future creations!

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Betty Crocker™ Icing

Icing by Betty Crocker™ makes it easy to add a delicious finishing touch to your cake. Choose from Buttercream Style, Cream Cheese Style, and other delicious frostings. Spread with a knife or pipe into shapes for a smooth, creamy, and tasty cake topping. We also like using these between two cookies for an irresistible cookie sandwich!

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