Valentines Day Baking Recipes

Valentine's Day is that special day where sweethearts show their appreciation for one another. It's also the opportunity to show your significant other what they mean to you. What better way to show affection than baking Valentine's Day cake for your love? We have recipes for both cakes and brownies that will make your partners heart melt. From the gorgeous I Love You Cake to the Valentine Parfait Cupcakes, these delicious recipes are sure to add the spark to Valentine's Day this year.

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Betty Crocker's Valentine's Day Baking Ideas

Take a look at our Valentine's Day baking recipes for ideas of what to bake on Valentine's Day. There are recipes for everyone. Those looking for a small sweet treat can attempt our delightful Love Bug Cake Balls. If you're looking to create a visual spectacle for your loved one then you can't look past our Valentine's Heart Cake. Find the Valentine's Day recipe that expresses your love this year with Betty Crocker™.

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