The Joy of Edible Christmas Gifts

Betty’s Favourite Recipes:

The Joy of Edible Christmas Gifts

Make delicious edible Christmas gifts with help from Betty Crocker™.

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach so the saying goes, and this is never truer than during the Christmas season! If you’re looking to give your friends and family something personal that they’ll love over the holidays, then read on to find our favourite recipes for homemade Christmas food gifts.

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

From Christmas cookies, to frosted tray bakes, yule logs, and festive cupcakes, the holiday season really is all about food. You can show the important people in your life just how much you care with edible Christmas gifts that they can eat on the day. Choose a quirky and cute bake that kids will love, or maybe something sophisticated to add to the spread on December 25th. Of course, you could all out, and bake a classic Christmas cookie recipe to serve up to the Big Man himself the night before Christmas.

Christmas Cupcake Gifts

One of the best homemade edible Christmas gifts has to be the cupcake. They’re easy to share and easy to transport if you’re dropping them off and spreading a little holiday joy. Our favourite has to be the eye-catching Christmas Cupcake Wreath Recipe, that can dress up any dessert table, but we’re also partial to the adorable Reindeer Cupcakes designed to make the little ones smile.

Christmas Cakes

We don’t know who we have to thank for the delicious tradition of eating cake at Christmas, but we’re glad it exists. We always recommend gifting friends or family a classic Chocolate Yule Log – after all, who doesn’t love a Christmas log! But, if you fancy something different this year, why not go a little rogue with a chic Celebration Black Forest Cake.

Christmas Brownies and Biscuits

Sure, there’s morning tea, afternoon tea and dessert for gorging on sweet treats, but what about all those other empty hours? Baking Christmas cookies and brownies is practically a necessity to fill the time between dinners. Pack a beautiful hamper filled with Christmas Tree Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Cake-Mix Cookies, and a selection of Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Truffles. You’ll be everyone’s favourite relative.

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