Delicious and Quick Desserts for One

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Delicious and Quick Desserts for One

Check out Betty Crocker’s™ quick desserts-for-one recipes.

Fancy a cake, but don’t fancy having to eat the same dessert solo for 10 days in a row? Or are you just looking for a quick afternoon snack to satisfy a sweet craving? Baking and dessert recipes are almost always catered for six or more servings, but what if you’re looking for quick, simple desserts for one? We love making cakes, brownies and cookies for one, and we’re here to reveal all our solo baking secrets.

Baking for One

There are few things more satisfying than single-serve foods. No leftover ingredients, no mountains of dishes, just one serving for the only person who matters in any dessert scenario – you. There are a lot more quick desserts-for-one recipes knocking about than you might think, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that you can enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt of watching two thirds of it going to waste. Read on for our fave ways to make the most of baking for one person.

Mug Cake Recipes

Behold the lowly mug! This is a vessel that usually carries the accompanying tea or coffee that we have with our desserts, but it takes centre stage with these recipes. Mugs are ideal for making single serve chocolate-y desserts that you can bung in the microwave and have ready in under ten minutes. Try our moreish Tropical Fudge Mug Brownie, our savoury and sweet Peanut Butter Banana Mug Brownie, or the classically flavoured Chocolate Sundae Mug Cake.

Mini Cake Recipes

Who doesn’t love mini cakes and desserts? The cupcake wouldn’t exist without our obsession for small bakes, and they make for perfect individual treats that you can enjoy over several days. Try a citrus-y mid-morning snack with our pretty Lemon Petit Fours. Or brighten up your afternoon tea with Mini Coffee and Praline Cakes or our Mini St. Clements Cakes.

Cookies for One Recipes

Let’s face it, good cookies are always for one person. Whether you bake one giant cookie or 20 smaller ones. We have a whole host of delicious biscuit and cookie recipes for any time of day, in any season (seriously, we even have Easter Nest Cookies). Go for an indulgent classic like our Triple Chip Cookies, or a spin on an old favourite, like our Gingerbread and Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies. Of course, if you’re feeling really game, there’s always our Cookie Fruit Pizza...

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