Betty's Baking with Kids Recipes

Bake up some fun!

Entertain your children by baking a sweet treat together! It does not matter if your kids love cakes, brownies or cupcakes – we have fun & easy baking recipes for each of those. From cute bumblebee brownies to scary ghost cupcakes, decorating them will be great fun for the whole family. The time spent baking with kids will be your favourite part of the day!

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Betty Crocker's Baking with Kids Ideas

We're bringing you the best recipes to spark joy in your home. These recipes are not only delicious, but also easy-to-make & will definitely awaken the creativity while baking with your children! You can start with something simpler as our Brownie Pops or you can dare to create the most beautiful Ladybird Brownies. The girls could also decorate the cutest Bunny Cupcakes and the boys will definitely love our Mummy Brownies!

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